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Thank you to our funders

AASAS's capacity is built on our community partners who support our vision of an Alberta free from sexual assault and sexual abuse. AASAS is grateful for and would like to acknowledge the support of the following funders.

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Sexual assault affects every Albertan

Most people would rather not talk about sexual abuse and sexual assault. They are crimes that cause immense pain for individuals who have been sexually abused...

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Reporting Sexual Assault: It's Your Decision

This video provides accurate and accessible information about the justice system for individuals who have been impacted by sexual abuse or sexual assault and are making the challenging decision about whether or not to report the crime that was committed against them to the police. The video includes information about the criminal justice system as well as outlining and defining the specific roles that professionals have within this system. This includes police, medical/forensic evidence collectors (doctors and/or nurses), crown prosecutor, judge, victim support services and advocates who speak about their roles and address common concerns or areas of confusion for victims.

There are also two survivors who share some of their personal experiences and perceptions of the medical, criminal justice and support processes following the crime of sexual assault committed against them.

The Solicitor General Victims of Crime grant made the development of this video possible.

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